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'My Very Own Mouse' Scrapbook

'My Very Own Mouse' Scrapbook

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Get ready for school with Mouse! Keep track of your school readiness journey in this beautifully printed scrapbook.

Each page contains a poem that is part of the 'get ready for school' story, and a prompt for you to record how you have learnt a new 'ready for school' skill such as:

  • learning through having fun
  • getting dressed
  • bedtime
  • healthy eating
  • independence 
  • outdoor play
  • cleaning teeth
  • toilet training
  • reading together
  • being creative
  • celebrations
  • sharing

Plus nine blank pages where you can doodle, draw, stick photos and write about your exciting mouse adventures and achievements as you get ready for school.

Even if your child has already started school, this scrapbook is a fun way of addressing issues that are common for young children and which you and your child might be struggling to overcome.

Order includes a digital copy of the scrapbook.


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